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Hire a land clearing company that can meet your needs

Are you excited for hunting season to start back up? Before you get out in your deer stand, reach out to Bridges & Sons Mulching for forestry services. We can clear your land to your specifications. Instead of reducing your entire plot to stumps, count on us to clear the underbrush but leave the trees, making hunting a breeze.

For more information about our land clearing services in Elkhart & Palestine, TX, contact us today.

How to remove underbrush in 3 simple steps

Whether you need your land cleared to install a new fence or construct a barn, our crew can help. To hire our land clearing company, all you need to do is:



  1. Call to discuss your needs with one of our expert mulchers
  2. Receive and approve your free estimate on the work
  3. Schedule a time for our team to complete your project









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Why trust our family owned and operated land clearing company with your underbrushing job? Many of your neighbors have picked us because...

We've served residents in Elkhart & Palestine, TX for over 10 years

We take government contract jobs and work with real estate agents

We offer general mulching and right-of-way maintenance services

Prepare your property for a new construction project or clear it for hunting. The possibilities are endless when you hire Bridges & Sons Mulching. Contact us today to schedule forestry mulching services and timber harvesting!