Keep Public Property Clear of Overgrown Vegetation

Get right-of-way maintenance & clearing services in Elkhart or Palestine, TX

The right-of-way campaign was implemented in Texas to encourage property owners to keep public spaces clear of excessive vegetation, including overgrown shrubs, grass, plants and trees. At Bridges & Sons Mulching, we provide right-of-way maintenance and land clearing services for local home and business owners in Elkhart & Palestine, TX.

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Don't stress about your right-of-way maintenance

Don't stress about your right-of-way maintenance

It's your responsibility as a property owner in Elkhart or Palestine, TX to maintain the plant life that overhangs the public right-of-way, but do you know what areas that includes? We provide right-of-way land clearing and maintenance services for:

  • Gas lines
  • Property lines
  • Electric easements

With our help, you'll never need to worry about blocking the public right-of-way. If you still have questions about our right-of-way maintenance or land clearing services, contact us today.